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= DDDDD :heart:x1000

So yeah. I started watching TT again. <33 YAY. Gods I missed it so. ; ; But I can't find stupid episode 57! D:< CURSE YOU YOUTUBE! And of course Crunchy Roll doesn't have it... maybe I should check Veoh or whatever... hmm...

I also started watching MMPPP again. <33 Yay~~ Kaito is an ass, though. NOW I know what :iconkamakazi-cat: was talking about... ; ; Poor Luchia! D:

OHHH. So, meh and mah family went to Mesa Verde! = DD SUPER AWESOME. Those ruins are SWEET. But climbing that 32 foot ladder was pretty nerve-wracking. And up those steps. They were like, ONE FOOT across and the "fence" on the other side kept WOBBLING. And wasn't a real fence. There were some poles stuck in the ground every... meh, two yards or so... with a chain connecting the poles. Not very comforting, especially because you can see the canyon below you. -Shudders- Freaky experience... x.x

ON THE OTHER HAND. I got to go white water rafting again! :heart: SO fun! I got to sit in the front part of the time, too~~ {If you're wondering, we went rafting with a GUIDE. xD Not by ourselves. -Shudders- If you put us on a raft by ourselves down a river... you don't wanna know the result. xD} But for the level THREEEEE rapid, my brother had to go to another raft. And it was way funny/freaky, because their guide was literally ejected out of his spot on the raft! But at least he got back to the raft... xD

Hmm... let's see, what else? OH. Yeah. -Pokes gallery- = DDD See? See? SEEEEEEE? = DDDD Thanks to :iconkatiedesousa:'s tutorials, I can actually DO something in Photoshop! YAY! YAY FOR NOT BEING USELESS! xD I seriously need to finish that, though... @.@

OHHH. Guess whaaaat~~ Well I'll save you from guessing. I got new glasses~~! I got new glasses~~! :3 They're awesomez. <33

Let's see. Anything else? Oh yes! I'm evil. I'm very, very, VERY, evil. xDD I saw this video {…} and got an idea. What idea? Weeeell... To draw the Titans cosplaying as the Sailor Scouts! Yes! MUAHAHA! EVIL! I AM EVILL!! Here's what I have so far:

Starfire as Sailor Moon
Robin as Sailor Mars
Beast Boy as Sailor Jupiter

But I can't decide who Cyborg will be! GRR! -Stabs self- See, originally I was gonna have Cyborg be Sailor Mercury. But then I though, "Well, Raven wouldn't be a good Sailor Venus, so I'll make her Sailor Mercury!" Then I thought, "Wait, Cyborg would make an even WORSE Sailor Venus! And it would be funny if Raven was Sailor Venus, because Venus is the god of love!" And THEN I thought, "BUT WAIT! What if I make Starfire Sailor Venus because she's kinda orange-y-ish-y, then make Cyborg Sailor Mercury, and THEN make Raven as Sailor Moon!" Then I got confused and my brain went splody. DDDD: So, I'm left with making Raven and Cyborg either Sailor Venus or Sailor Mercury. PLEEEEEEEEEASE help me CHOOOOOOOOSE! -Sobs- D:

-Coughs- ON another note, I hate the Doom Patrol. THEY WERE BEING STUPID TO BEAST BOY! -Sobs- Then leaving their teammates behind... I hate Mental... stupid ass... @.@ But Larry {A.k.a., Negative Man} was AWESOME. His powers are soooooooo cool~~ He kinda reminds me of Shika, too. SHIKA. Yayz. <33 xD -Coughcough- Short attention span. :3

Aaaaaanything else... Oh! Yes! COMIC-CON. OMGZORES. YAAY. I can't waaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiit~~! Even though I have to. GNARK. {Yes. I just said Gnark. >.> SHOOSH.} You should come too. = D I IS GONNA SEE :iconvampiregame715: THEEEEEEEERE. YAYZ~!!

Hmmmmmmmmmm... -Thinks- Anything ELSE? Uhh... I'm now Teen Titans obsessed? >.> And, uh, I like plushies? x.x Ionno what else to say, really. xD So I guess that's it... ; ; -Looks back- This has been a really long entry... oh well... xDD

OHH! WAIT, WAIT, WAIT! WAAAAAAIIIIITZ. I AM GOING TO OPEN AN ART SHOP ON GAIA! WHOOOOOO!! And I am taking requests. Send me a note if you want me to draw your avi! {My Gaia  username ish C h i s s y s t! ^^} Okay. NOW that's it. I think. : D

Yes. Yes it is. Alright. BYEEEZ. 8DDD -Runs off to watch more Teen Titans even though I should be working on the picture- Keh keh keh... SHUSH. x.x BYEZ.


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June 13, 2007